Mike Nock – A Jazz Film

Directed by Geoffrey Cawthorn, Mike Nock  – A Jazz Film tells the entertaining, extraordinary story of  this New Zealand born, Sydney Australia based international jazz pianist, bandleader and composer. Featuring rivetting and beautifully filmed musical numbers, his story interweaves between the streets of New York, the beauty of Sydney, and the rural backroads of his New Zealand childhood.



“Jazz is an attitude. That means how you look at yourself, how you look at the world. There’s not one way of doing it but that’s what it is. If you’re going to sum up jazz in a few letters, jazz is an attitude” Mike Nock

‘The prolific and exuberant jazz pianist is revealed..in this exceptionally well filmed biography that sensibly approaches the man through his music.
Sydney Morning Herald 28 Oct 1999
“Nock is articulate, funny and intense. A poetic documentary … filmed with an elegiac quality..the band look like a watercolour, a tinted photo and an Edward Hopper painting.
Melbourne Age ‑ 24 Oct 1994 
“Poignant without being self ‑serving..this survival story is quite remarkable and touching” 
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