Geoff has directed many documentaries on diverse subjects –  many involving music of all genres.

“Mike Nock – A Jazz Film”  profiles legendary jazz man Mike Nock. “View from Olympus” is about contemporary classical music and “Southern Stars” opera.

“Ten Guitars” on the other hand tells the story of an Inglebert Humperdinck song that became a party classic in New Zealand and features contermporary versions by performers such as Tim and Neil Finn. “Through the eyes of Love” features some of NZ’s favourite artists talking about and performing love songs.  “Play it Strange” celebrates teenage songwriters and looks at up and coming talent.

Geoff has also produced films on architectural subjects, directing “Architect of Dreams” about NZ architect Ian Athfield and co-producing “Brutal Beauty” on Sir Miles Warren. He also contributed the original score to both films.

At the other end of the scale Geoff has also delved into the complex and disturbing world of criminal justice in “Blind Justice” and addressed issues of immigration in “Instant Kiwis”

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